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Tour Information to Uyuni Salt Flat and Colored Lagoons Tour

Experience the most fantastic and unique landscapes of Bolivia. The first day you will visit the Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest in the world with an extension of 12,000 km2 that is located at an altitude of 3,650 meters above sea level. The following two days you will visit the famous Lagoons and Deserts of Colors; among these the most important attractions are Laguna Colorada, where you will see the three species that inhabit the region: Andean flamingo, Chilean flamingo and flamingo James. There is also the Siloli Desert that provides a surreal landscape with its fascinating color blends; there you will find the "Tree of Stone", a rock formation with the appearance of a tree. One of the world's most exotic hotels called ‘Hotel Tayka del Desierto’ is located in this desert.

Other optional visits:

- Visit to Cueva de las Galaxias (Galaxy Cave) and Cueva del Diablo (Devil’s Cave)
- Ascent to Tunupa, Licancabur o Uturuncu volcanos.
- Extension to San Pedro de Atacama (Chile).
- Extension to Tupiza, visitando El Sillar.


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We pick you up from your hotel around 11 am. We will first visit the Train Cemetery and the town of Colchani where you will know about the mining history and the artisanal present of the town of Uyuni. Then, we will get into the wonderful Uyuni Salt Flat and arrive at Hotel de Sal, the first of its kind, which is nowadays a museum. On our way, we will spot fantastic optic illusions that are accentuated during the rainy season (from December to March). We will also see ‘Ojos de Agua’, small salt eruptions that will help us know the formation process of this infinite salt sea.

At mid-day we arrive at the Incahuasi Island in the center of the salt flat, where we will observe large populations of cactus, water fossil, local wildlife and spectacular views of the salt flat from the summit of the island. We continue the trip toward the northern part of the salt flat where we will visit a local museum to see pre-Columbian mummies and later we will reach the Salt Flat Lookout at the feet of the Thunupa volcano. At sunset, we arrive in the town of Tahua for an overnight stay.


Once we leave the salt flat, we get to the volcanic region of Los Lipez where we will spot the Ollague Volcano from a distance. Later, we start our trip toward the Eduardo Avaroa Nature Reserve. On our way, we will see the lagoons called Altoandinas Jewels such as Cañapa, Hedionda, Chiarcota and Honda, which hold varieties of local birds. Then we will enter the Siloli Desert with stops to take pictures of the breathtaking scenarios of this desert. We spend the night at the exotic rustic hotel in the ‘middle of nowhere’.


This day we need to get up very early in the morning to leave around 5:30 am. The day’s first activity is the visit to the famous rock formation called ‘Stone Tree’. Then, we get into the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Reserve and we will reach the Sol de Mañana geysers, fumaroles, and craters with lava. Then we will enjoy a bath in the thermal waters to continue our journey through the Reserve. On our way we will enjoy the panoramic observation of the Dalí Desert that is formed with rocks very similar to the work of the surrealistic painter Salvador Dalí. We will also visit the Green Lagoon at the feet of Licancabur Volcano.

On our way back to Uyuni, we will visit the Red Lagoon – an amazing water deposit with sediments and algae which shows colors ranging from brown to deep red. There are also three types of flamingos on this lagoon: James, Andean and Chilean.

In the afternoon, we are going to walk through ‘the Valle de Rocas’ where there are remainders of volcanic rocks varying between 8 and 15 meters of height. Finally, we will stop in San Cristobal, a town that was completely moved to its current location to build Bolivia’s largest mining site. We will reach Uyuni around 6:00 pm.

- This tour does not include transportation to and from Uyuni, lodging in Uyuni or Colchani, non-specified food, beverages in restaurants and hotels, additional expenses, travel insurance, tips, non-specified services.
- The tour starts and ends in Uyuni.
- This schedule may be modified during rainy season (November-April).
- The tour is available every day.
- Altitude variation from 3500 to 5000 meters above sea level.

The biggest salt flat on earth stretches for more than 4,500 square miles in the crest of the Andes, it is known locally as the Salar de Uyuni; it is the result of thousands of years of transformations that took place between several prehistoric lakes. The surface is covered with salt that creates a flat surface, when it rains this huge surface floods and forms an incredible "mirror", we are sure there is no place else like it in the world and it is South America's most inspiring landmark.

With plenty of history Uyuni is a very nice start of the adventure, this small city has a history strongly related with silver and tin mining which has its economic peak during the first half of the XX century, Uyuni was the point of train transportation of minerals from Potosí to Antofagasta (Chile), it represented wealth and progress for Bolivia. This is why there is an amazing place 30 minutes far from the city called The Train Cementery (Cementerio de Trenes), machines where brought to this place in order to receive maintenance or being fixed but this could not be done and they were left until know, unfortunately the machines are now getting rusted and require urgent intervention of authorities in order not to lose this immense historic patrimonial resource.

On the tour it is possible to visit the Incahuasi Island take funny pictures on the salt flats, playing with the lack of perspective caused by the flat, white and blue sky distance of the horizon. After visiting the salt flats we visit the Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa, a national park that is Bolivia's most visited. Inside the reserve it is possible to see volcanoes, geysers, flamingos and lagoons of different beautiful colors.

The Salt Flat it is also perfect for a stargazing trip, it´s lunar landscape, reflective white surfaces and a wide horizon makes it one of the best Latin American spots to stargaze. During the rainy season it looks like the biggest mirror in the world, highly reflective for the night skies above.

Uyuni has a very good location in order to organize your next visit, there are daily bus departures to Potosí and the trip takes around 4 hours through a paved road, Potosí and Sucre (other city close to Potosí which the capital of Bolivia) are Unesco World Heritage cities. From Uyuni there is also possible to get to San Pedro de Atacama, it can be done with a connection during the classic 3 day tour, on the third day of the tour once the group arrives to Laguna Verde we can make a short transfer to the Bolivian-Chilean border of Hito Cajón and continue by bus to San Pedro de Atacama (1 hour trip). And finally there is another option which is out of the classic tourist circuit, but also a great alternative, once in Uyuni it is possible to continue by train or bus to Tupiza, located at the southwestern of Bolivia also close to the Bolivian-Argentinian border of La Quiaca, this city is sometimes known as the “Wild West of Bolivia” because Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid leaved there and planned robberies to mining companies and banks, Tupiza is surrounded by canyons and mountains that provide a beautiful landscape.


  • 4 to 6 passengers
  • Basic Shelter
  • Shared Rooms
  • 4wd Shared Vehicle
  • Spanish Sp. Driver
  • 145 USD
  • Check Availability
  • 1 to 4 passengers
  • Rustic Hotel
  • Double Rooms
  • 4wd Shared Vehicle
  • Spanish Sp. Driver
  • Audio-Guide
  • 480 USD
  • Check Availability
  • 2 passengers
  • Rustic Hotel
  • Private Room
  • 4wd Private Vehicle
  • English Sp. Guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • 1255 USD
  • Check Availability

* Prices in US dollars

* Conditions for "Basic" and "Bolivia Trip" Package:

Operations during rainy season, from December to March, under consultation

Tour begins and ends in Uyuni

Entrance ticket to Isla Incahuasi 30 Bs (5 USD) and to Eduardo Avaroa Reserve costs 150 Bs (23 USD), we recommend 10 USD in local currency for other expenses.

4WD transportation shared by 6 passengers (Basic), 4 passengers (Bolivia Trip)

"Basic" Package: Accommodation takes place in basic shelters: shared rooms, 6 people per room and shared bathroom by all the shelter`s guests: these shelters don`t have heating or hot water. To use showers with hot water, it is necessary to pay an additional fee directly in the shelter. "Bolivia Trip" Package: Accommodation takes place in Rustic Hotels: private double rooms with heating and hot shower. Hotels booked are from the Tayka Network: Hotel de Sal (Tahua), Hotel de Piedra (San Pedro de Quemez) and Hotel del Desierto (Siloli Desert)

Travel insurance not included

* Conditions for "Deluxe" Package:

Operations during rainy season, from December to March, under consultation

Tour begins and ends in Uyuni

Daily Departure

Accommodation takes place in Rustic Hotels: private rooms with heating and hot shower. Hotels booked are from the Tayka Network: Hotel de Sal (Tahua), Hotel de Piedra (San Pedro de Quemez) and Hotel del Desierto (Siloli Desert); Hotels from Jardines Network: Hotel Palacio de Sal (Colchani), Jardines del Mallku Cueva (Villa Mar); Hotels from Los Desiertos Network: Tambo Coquesa (Coquesa) and Los Flamencos (Hedionda Lagoon)

Travel insurance not included